New Music Video for 'Not About You' released

Check out the brand new video for the band's latest single, Not About You, directed by John Hardwick. The single is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all others...

Making of 'Girl I Used To Know' (video)

Hey everyone!

Stephen here. My turn to write a blog! Want to say, firstly, how excited and proud I am for us to actually have an ‘album’ coming out into the World. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everything else in life that we forget to celebrate our achievements. Recording and releasing an album is definitely a childhood dream of mine. So yeah. #proud. Hope you all like it!

Since I directed the music video for ‘Girl I Used To Know’, I thought it’d be fun to talk a bit about the concept for the video and what went in to making it.

Girl I Used To Know is one of my favourite songs to play live. I love the energy and the fresh, summer-vibes. It immediately transports me somewhere else – I love that music has the power to do that. It’s funny, when you’re so close to a song – knowing it inside out – it’s actually kinda difficult to distance yourself from it enough to generate a coherent visual to accompany it. That’s not always the case, of course. Sometimes a song immediately generates an image in your head and other times, you have to search for it.

To be honest, we went through so many different ideas for this video that I’ve forgotten how we arrived at this one! I remember that Davina had this idea about someone who is weighed down by regrets. That got us thinking about a literal representation of having ‘the world on your shoulders’… and ‘Globehead’ was born! We loved the idea of this character who carries this ever growing backpack of regrets around with him and it affects his mood, his self-esteem and his relationships. The video is sorta a metaphor for moving forward and staying positive. Harbouring regrets will drag you down and in the end only burning them will set you free to appreciate what you do have.

What you might not know is that the ‘regrets’ on the pieces of paper were actually real-life regrets submitted by our friends and followers via our website. So when we burn them at the end, it’s actually really personal. I love that about the video. The burning of the bag was a real challenge as we had to creep about deep in the woods where we could actually set it on fire and not to cause any alarm! 

My gorgeous friend Maya plays Globehead’s partner in the video and Globehead himself is played by the wonderful Adam Mroz. He actually can’t see anything with that Globe on his head, so scenes that should have been really easy were a real challenge for him to navigate. He had so much energy all day, despite the challenges and I think he does a fantastic job of portraying a character whilst not being able to use facial expression at all!

Furthermore, for Maya to be able to play serious scenes opposite a man with a papier-mâché globe on his head is no small feat! I think she does an incredible job in this video and we’re super grateful to both Maya and Adam for being such great sports in bringing to life our crazy ideas! Shout out also to our Art Director Christoff for helping us pull this one together.

I've just put together a few outtakes from the video below followed by the behind the scenes video from the band performance shoot...

And here is the final video, hope you like...

Talk soon,

S x

Music Video for Girl I Used To Know

The Mars Patrol's new music video for Girl I Used To Know is out now along with the single! The band's fans submitted their own personal regrets to be burned in the video and that's exactly what happened! Check it out here: